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Alpha Tip #64: Make Adjustments

Simple tips to improving your life. That's what we're all about at To be Alpha. Today's tip is common sense but often overlooked in the moment. It's called Making Adjustments. When you do something over and over again a few things happen: You get really good at what you're do over and over You get […] Read More

Betas are funny creatures. They think they need to ask for permission and have a reason for any and everything. Today's alpha tip is to stop giving away so much information.  If you have kids you might notice something - when a child wants something, he'll not only ask for it but he'll give a […] Read More

So many people go wander through life trying to "get lucky". Get lucky finding a new job Get lucky meeting girls Get lucky making more money Get lucky getting an A in a class Get lucky getting laid Get lucky getting a good deal Get lucky meeting the right people Get lucky getting new opportunities […] Read More

Stay Up With Your Alpha Game

What's hot today, may be cold tomorrow. The same can be said with being Alpha. You might be Alpha today, and beta tomorrow. It happens all the time. And vice versa. Beta today, Alpha tomorrow. This is a call to action to all you alphas and aspiring alphas to always remember that being alpha doesn't […] Read More

Alpha Tip: Keep People Honest

keep people honest

In boxing there's a phrase that talks about keeping people honest. Usually it happens when someone punches another person and they feel the power of the punch. It keeps people on their toes and doesn't let the opponent take big risks or come inside and try to throw some hard power punches. I think this […] Read More