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Poor Work Environment?

A lot of you guys are not following on twitter or the facebook page - but sometimes I have conversations with people that ask "What is the alpha thing to do" in certain situations so I want to share little tidbits with you as they come. Today I was discussing work environments with someone and […] Read More

Interview Prep 101

As some of you know - I worked in finance as well as created a tech company (not To Be Alpha). The site focuses on career preparation and one of my initial clients was a Columbia University student (yes, the Ivy League school) that wanted to get a job at an investment bank. He got […] Read More


The answer is yes. I've been wanting to put this together for awhile because so many of you guys have this idea that you can't be alpha if you aren't tall. If this was the case world leaders wouldn't be world leaders. And celebrities wouldn't be superstars. Don't buy into this idea that you need […] Read More



Making friends in college can be really easy or really hard. If its easy for you, you probably wouldn't be reading this right now. So I'm going to try to help you. The mainstream advice is to just go introduce yourself and you will make new friends. Does that work? Sure it does. But it's […] Read More

Six Things Alpha Males DO NOT Do

Quick post here to just tell you there are some things you shouldn't do if you think you are alpha. Not only have I gone through my own journey from beta to alpha but I work in an industry where lots of guys think they are alpha when they really aren't. Also, I'm very aware […] Read More


Alright guys. I was asked recently to talk about the rush process for fraternities and how you can get a bid to pledge. Since I was offered 3 bids and pledged one fraternity (which I joined) - PIKE - I will try to give you all the pointers I can so you can set yourself […] Read More