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be the shit

Here's how you can jumpstart your life to alpha really fast. Keep reading... It's time to start acting like THE SHIT. It doesn't matter where you are in your life, whether you're super wealthy or struggling to get back. I don't care if you are alpha or beta. If you are outspoken or shy. None […] Read More

College Alpha Must Haves

College isn't for everyone. But for you guys that are in college or going to college, there are some must have you should always have. I don't want to break it up into years so this is a general list of what you should have throughout your college career. You have to remember college is […] Read More

Alpha Tip: Don’t Be Invisible

If you're a beta male, chances are you aren't getting a lot of respect. By beta male, I'm talking about the shy guys, the reserved guys, the introverts, the one's that keep to themselves, the followers (for more info check out: What is a beta male). The last thing you want to be is invisible, […] Read More

bicep curl

Listen up guys. There are things I see on a daily basis that make me SMH (shake my head for you older guys). Like seriously, how do guys not know how to do things that seem so simple yet are so alpha? I'm going to list some alpha things I believe all alpha males should […] Read More

Where the HELL is my EBOOK?

As many of you know, this book is sent out by me personally. Today, I decided to include my email on the distribution list to see if it comes in my inbox, spam box or some other category Gmail offers. To my surprise it didn't come at all! I've been using a different email service […] Read More

Poor Work Environment?

A lot of you guys are not following on twitter or the facebook page - but sometimes I have conversations with people that ask "What is the alpha thing to do" in certain situations so I want to share little tidbits with you as they come. Today I was discussing work environments with someone and […] Read More