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I recently started using youtube for To Be Alpha to help get the message out about body language and other aspects about being an "alpha male." I still think there are so many misconceptions about the idea of what is and what isn't alpha that it will take forever to cover. But hopefully we can […] Read More

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I've worked with some really amazing people during my professional career on Wall Street (and even when I was in high school and college). But I've also worked with some really shitty people. Shitty in so many ways - from racists to sexist, from unintelligent to power tripping. I've seen it all. And because I've […] Read More

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From the thousands of people that were emailed our survey, about 45% responded - which isn't great but it's also not bad. Sorry for spamming you all. The reason for the survey this past week was to find out what our traffic really wants To Be Alpha to focus on. And your voice has been […] Read More

As part of the college series - this post is in the works. Come back in a day or so and read all about what you need to do to prepare mentally and physically to join a Fraternity. *I am a part of the largest national fraternity in the country. (Pi Kappa Alpha) After I […] Read More

These helpful hints are for EVERYONE. Our original article on "How To Be Cool In College" has received a lot of attention and because of that, I want to give you five simple tips on ways to be cool in college. Very simply, being cool in college will probably make or break your college life. […] Read More