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As part of the college series - this post is in the works. Come back in a day or so and read all about what you need to do to prepare mentally and physically to join a Fraternity. *I am a part of the largest national fraternity in the country. (Pi Kappa Alpha) After I […] Read More

These helpful hints are for EVERYONE. Our original article on "How To Be Cool In College" has received a lot of attention and because of that, I want to give you five simple tips on ways to be cool in college. Very simply, being cool in college will probably make or break your college life. […] Read More

Not every girl is going to want to be touched or want to get physical with you. So be smart and understand this. If a girl says no then chances are she means it. A no can mean no. It can mean not yet. Or it can mean maybe. Be smart. Now some of you […] Read More

You can't predict the future, so stop trying. Instead, just be alpha. A lot of us don't do things because we are scared of the outcome. Some of us are scared of success, while others are scared of failure or rejection. But all this worrying is a waste of your time. I've recently been reminded of […] Read More


This is a full review of the Body BEAST Supplements for the Body BEAST Beachbody work out program. In addition to the Body BEAST supplements, I will offer substitute supplements that work just as good (if not better) than what is offered by Beachbody. The reason why I offer substitute supplements to the BEAST program […] Read More