To Be Alpha

Take Control of Your Life


Alright guys. I was asked recently to talk about the rush process for fraternities and how you can get a bid to pledge. Since I was offered 3 bids and pledged one fraternity (which I joined) - PIKE - I will try to give you all the pointers I can so you can set yourself […] Read More

A Few Quick Reminders

It's a holiday weekend here in the states so I'm out of the city right now but have spent some time talking to people just to meet some new people and I have some really good takeaways that I want to share from some of my own experiences and from what other's have told me. […] Read More

10 WAYS To Dress Like The SHIT!

clothes too big

This is for all the guys that have no sense of style that need some help. If you do any of these things stop right now! We are in the process of putting together a comprehensive guide to created a look and after that we'll be putting together seasonal guides of what is in and […] Read More

How to NOT be CREEPY

Being creepy will be the death of any potential relationships. Thinking back to my younger days and even when I was an uneducated fool, I was a creepster. But not in a super bad way. Just a creepy way. How does that even work?? But don't worry, I got all the creepiness covered because I […] Read More

The Life of an ALPHA MALE

I wanted to put together a little image of the life of an alpha male for you guys in a way that is entertaining and easy to read. The alpha life is a lot better than the life of a beta you can see. If you're alpha, you can probably relate to this. If […] Read More

The ego is a very powerful thing. It can help you and it can hurt you. It can be the reason why you dig and dig and go and go and it can be the reason why you do nothing at all. There are things in this world we really want to do but we […] Read More